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Our Team

Our Expert Staff & Management Team Deliver Comfort & Quality Service

Expert Staff and Management Team

Residents appreciate that our team works hard and likes to have fun, because it creates a welcoming and stress free environment. Our team  is made up of well-trained professionals who take pride in their work and are serious about conducting the business of operation. Residents know that they can bring us their problems and that our team will listen to their concerns and work proactively to alleviate them. We bring care and purpose to the way we run The Shoreline to ensure that our residents will enjoy the comfort and convenience they expect.

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Meet Our Wonderful Team

a close up of a woman

Susan Loughley

Property Manager
a person wearing glasses and smiling at the camera

Linda Bumbalo

Leasing Agent
a man looking at the camera

Dean Carlson

Leasing Agent
a young boy who is smiling at the camera

Tina Hawkins

a person posing for the camera

Robert Park


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